ANGUISH(sweden) Interview

Anguish interview for Dark Recollections 2011

1.Dark Recollectionszine: hails… for those not familiar with Anguish introduce the band(who does what, plays what instruments, etc)

<Anguish Hails! The band contains 5 members, I (David) write the music and play leadguitar, Kribbe plays the second guitar, Ralle on drums, Anton plays Bass and J. Dee is doing the vocals and write the lyrics.

2.Dark Recollectionszine: how long has the band been together?

Anguish Me and Jacob (He is not in the band anymore) started the band in winter -2007 -2008. The current linup started rehearse in early 2009. From the old lineup it is only me and J. Dee left.

3 .Dark Recollectionszine:how did the different band members meet?

Anguish Mostly from school.

4. .Dark Recollectionszine:not many bands out there play your style of music… how would you describe your sound to some one who has
not heard it yet?

Anguish Our main influence is Candlemass, from the beginnig we wanted to play typical Doom metal, but with J. Dee’s vocals which sounded more like Attila of Mayhem we started to sound like a mix between Candlemass and Mayhem,
with Candlemass’s music and Mayhem’s vocals.

5 .Dark Recollectionszine:talk about your demo “dawn of doom”

Anguish Dawn of Doom has been recorded twice, first time in 2008 with the first lineup and with clean vocals, and second time in 2010 with J. Dee’s new vocal style. The first recordings are still unrealesed.
The 2010 version contains two new tracks, “Chaos Judge” and “Womb of Equivalent Doom”. 2008 version contains a track called “Dark Rites of The Castle” which where never re-recorded.
It took us two and a half day to record the demo, we used a studio in the woods where we mixed and did all by ourselfs. What inspired us for the theme on dawn of doom is an old abandoned mine deep in the woods, same place that photosession takes place.

6.Dark Recollectionszine:were there any other recordings prior to this demo?

Anguish Yes, we were supposed to have one more track which is called Mountain, but the demo where so long already so we never finished that track.

7.Dark Recollectionszine:what is the song “chaos judge” about and what inspired its lyrics?

Anguish The fox godess and the chaos judge of the limitless planes of morbid imaginations and dark wonders.

8. .Dark Recollectionszine:your music is a breath of fresh air in today’s polluted music scene… what bands do you listen to, infleunces?

Anguish I totally adore Candlemass, other bands who is a big influence is Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Count Raven, but also bands like Mayhem and Sabbat (jap).

9. .Dark Recollectionszine:have your had any offers to release “dawn of doom” in other formats other than cassette tapes?

Anguish No, only cassette.

10 .Dark Recollectionszine:does Anguish get to play live much… if so what bands do you get to play with… how long is your average set?

Anguish We have played live only once, that time we played with a 70’s rock band called Noctum from Uppsala. It’s hard to found bands in the same genre as us. Play time was about 35 minutes.
We hope and looking forward to play more soon.

11..Dark Recollectionszine:can we expect any new Anguish recordings in the near future?

Anguish Yes you surley can! I have a bunch of new tracks that we reahearse at the moment.

12. .Dark Recollectionszine:any merchandise available from the band? (list items and prices)

Anguish T-shirt with same artwork as the demo, on black shirt. Price: 100 SEK or 11 EUR

13..Dark Recollectionszine: any last words, comments? thanks for the interview

Anguish Thanks you for the interview, support the Doom Metal underground.
Only the black candles are alive.


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