Bloody Phoenix interview for Dark Recollections 2011

1. for those not familiar with L.A’s grinding machine known as Bloody Phoenix

introduce the band.(who does what, plays what instruments, etc)

Hey Wilhelm , first off thanks for the support. The line up as of today is: Jerry – Guitar, Mike – Drums, Dianelly – Vox, and Vito(endless demise) is filling in for us on Bass.

2. how long has current line up been together?

Hmmm, since Jan 1st(2011).

3. what has Bloody Phoenix released so far… what has the response been like to releases?

Self Titled 7″
Split 7″ with System Shit
War, Hate, & Misery LP
Split 10″ with Black Hole of Calcutta
Death To Everyone LP

The response to all the releases have been very positive.

4. How did your debut Cd do back when it was released in 2007… is it still available?

It did well. The CD & LPs are now out of press. You can still find some in some distros or e-bay I’m sure.

5. talk about your latest release “Death to All”… is it released on new label?

“Death To Everyone” was split a release between 2 labels. Our home label 625thrash & Obscene Productions. 625 made the Vinyl and Obscene the CDs. I think it’s our best material to date.

6. what is the song “Burning tree” about, what inspired its lyrics?
unanswered as I’m waiting to hear back from our ex-vocalist who wrote the lyrics for that song as he would be suited to answer it. He rarely checks his e-mail though and doesn’t have a phone. Hopefully he gets back to me soon.

7. What was it like playing in europe for your last album… what cities you play,

bands you shared the stage with?

Europe was such a great experience, it was our second time over there but we also hit new countries this time. We got to see some old and new friends which is always great when you’re on the road. I can’t wait to get back over there. The list of cities and bands we shared the stage with are really too many to mention. It was a 53 date tour.

8. if you compare the scene in Europe and Amerika… in your opinion who is got the sickest crowds?

You can’t really compare the crowds. It’s just different, every country over there has their own style, vibe. Same as here in the US, every state, city is different. The Czech Republic should change their name to the Grind Republic though. Total maniacs over there. Norway, Greece, Ukraine, etc. etc. etc. Just awesome.

9. would there ever be a Excruciating Terror re-union?

No, ET had it’s time. ET is dead. R.I.P.

10. what is your opinion of Vic’s an Vito’s new band Endless Demise?

I am biased, as they are my friends. I support them 100%

11. any new bands you recommend check in out?

Whoa, that’s a loaded gun,…. there are tons,… Deportation, Tuberculosis etc. I hate when I’m asked such questions though as when I am asked my mind goes blank and I can’t remember any names, then hours later I start remembering this band, that band. Anyhow,.. there are no shortage of new bands coming out, very promising times.

12. any merchandise available from the band? (list items and prices)

Right now we have shirts & pint glasses.

Pint Glass – $14 postage paid in the US.
T-shirts – $15 postage paid in North America, $18 everywhere else.

13. any last words, comments? thanks for the interview

Yeah thanks again for your support Wilhelm , I appreciate it. Support the DIY scene, be active in the scene, not just scenery. Boycott pay to play shows. Bands shouldn’t allow themselves to be taken advantaged of by greedy promoters. It’s the promoters job to sell tickets and well,.. promote.




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