DRUID LORD interview

DruidLord interview for Dark Recollectionszine 2011

1. Dark Recollections: For those not familiar with Druid Lord give us a brief band bio.

Druid Lord: I formed Druid Lord with my former Equinox drummer Stephen Spillers early 2010. I already had the concept for the band, the name/logo, and two songs written.
So Steve and I started to reherse then Tony Black joined on bass/vocals. The concept was to play Horror/Occult inspirted Doom/Death Metal. We wrote the whole album
“Hymns for the Wicked” in about 7 months then Recorded Aug/Sept 2010. We signed with Horror Pain Gore Death Oct and on Oct 31st the our 1st album was released.
We were lucky enough to get Putrid to do the album cover for us. We are very pleased with the results.

2. Dark Recollections: when you decided to form Druid Lord how hard was it to find suitable members?

Druid Lord: Not at all. I already knew that Steve and I would be working together again. Tony was an easy choice. Steve, Tony, and I all played in Equinox So it was like old times.
We recently adding a second guitarist “Ben Ross.” Now the Druid Death Cult is complete.

3. Dark Recollections: how did the different band members meet…?

Druid Lord: Steve and I met when I was in Acheron. Acheron did a gig in FL and Steve was there hanging out. We talked about how we like bands like Dream Death, Goatlord, Aspyyx, Venom,
Bathory. So we kept in touch. When I left acheron mid early ’92, Steve and I put Equinox together. Tony and I also played in Acheron Together from late ’90 to ’91 if I
remember correctly. We just recently met Ben. He had been in some killer FL Black/Death bands. He really though that Druid Lord was playing great Doom. He heard we wanted a
second guitar player and auditioned.

4. Dark Recollections: who came up with the name Druid Lord any other names considered before name was chosen?

Druid Lord: I came up with the name. I liked the idea of a Druid King or Druid God. A ruler of the Druids that was about ancient knowledge and sacrifice.
We didn’t have any other names. Druid Lord was a perfect for the style of music we were playing.

5. Dark Recollections: talk about your debut Cd “hymns for the wicked” … where was it recorded… how long
did it take to record?

Druid Lord: We recorded the album at Tony Blakk’s home studio. It’s call Blakk Magic Studios. It too us about five months to write the album. We recorded it in a few different
sessions. We were going to do an EP first but then decided we had to make it a full length. So we added a few more songs, mixed and mastered everything. This was our
1st attempt to do everything ourselves. It wasn’t easy and it’s not perfect but we learned a lot from the process. We are very much ready for the next cd.

6. Dark Recollections: did you ever think you will get a Cd deal so quick … without even releasing a demo… what has the response to Cd been like?

Druid Lord: Not really but We seemed to have a great response from the beginning. Once people heard a few rough tracks they knew it was going to be HEAVY. HPGD offered us a good deal for
the 1st album and we accepted.I thought it was going to take longer but we gained a big following quite quickly. From what I’ve been told the CD is selling well as been
the limited LP that has been released on “Witches Tone Records.” We seem to get a big response all over the world which as been very cool for us.

7. Dark Recollections: you have been active in the underground scene with various bands for awhile… what has it been
like to be around for so long… to see many bands come and go?

Druid Lord: It’s been a very exciting to be around since the beginning of FL Death metal, to see the rise of Black Metal again, and to see what the scene has become as of now.When the FL
scene 1st exploded it was truly amazing to see so many great bands come from Tampa/Orlando. There were gigs almost every weekend. I was lucky enought to see Pre Deicide “Amon” kill the Fl
scene. Massacre and Death were both shreading it everywhere. Obituary, Nocturnus, Malevolent Creation, Athiest, Nasty Savage, so many great bands. Then the scene just went to shit.
Too many copy bands ruining the scene for everyone else. Then it seemed as FL Death Metal went back underground, Norwegian Black Metal became huge. I have to say I like where
Metal is now. The style of music we play is very old school and keeps it true to the old style. It’s exciting to play Doom/Death again and that classic feeling is back.

8. Dark Recollections: Druid Lord is quite different from waht you used to play with former band Equinox… what inspired
you to write this kind of tunes?

Druid Lord: I always loved Doom music like Candlemass, Pentagram, Witchfinder General and old school Death metal like Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Dream Death, old Obituary. I wanted
to combine the two styles. I tried to put a traditional Doom band together but findind a real good classic style vocalist was hard. So we went with the rough vocal style.
That seems to compliment the writing style of Druid Lord better anyway. I was also getting tired of playing Black/Death metal. Don’t misunderstand me, i still love that style of music and
always will but I needed a change. I was getting burned out.

9. Dark Recollections: any advice for anyone trying to get a band together?

Druid Lord: DOn’t give up, work hard, become serious as a musician and stay dedicated no matter what anyone else says. I’ve seen so many of my friends just give up. Stay true!!!

10. Dark Recollections: care to talk about Equinox… when did band end… is band done for good?

Druid Lord: you know Equinox is a band that I put 15 years into or more. I’m proud of everything we accomplished but we just got fucked all the time. Shitty record deals, Ripoff labels,
No tours worked out. The fans supported the band but the labels and promoters always tried to fuck with us. So I decided to say screw it!!! I enjoy everything we did but
it was time to step back and take a long break. I’m not sure what will happen at this point. I’m just going to focus on Druid Lord for now.

11. Dark Recollections: can we expect any Druid Lord releases in the near future?

Druid Lord: Yes, our split 7″ep is being released on ALtsphere Productions on Feb 11th. The other band is Wooden Stake. We are right now working on a split 7″ep with Skeletal Spectre to
be released on HPGD productions and then a split CD with Death Metal band Kaiju that will have three new Druid Lord tracks. Then we start writing for out next cd. Druid Lord
is here to stay.

12. Dark Recollections: tell us about your debut show… what was the crowd like…any plans
to play outside of florida?

Druid Lord: Man, the 1st show was great. We even played on a Thursday nite and the club was packed. Great 1st gig. We are right now planning on playing North USA like NY, MD, and OH maybe.
We will and want to play gigs to spread the message of the ‘Druid Death Cult”

13. Dark Recollections: any last words, comments? thanks for the interview

Druid Lord: We really appreciate the support for Druid Lord. We have cd’s available and shirts are coming. The LP is selling fast and the orange/Black Die Hard version is almost gone so
buy now if interested. Wilhem, thanks for the interview. SUPPORT UNDERGROUND METAL. WATCH FOR MORE DOOM/DEATH COMING!!!!


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