GRAVE RITUAL interview

Grave Ritual interview for Dark Recollections 2011
1. Dark Recollections: For those not familiar with Grave Ritual introduce the band(who does what, plays what instruments, etc)
R.E. – guitar, vocals (bass live)
J.B. – drums
R.S. – guitar

2. Dark Recollections: Not much is known about the band… give us a brief bio
GRAVE RITUAL : R.E. and J.B. started playing together in 2005 under the name MEATHOLE INFECTION. We played live a couple of times,
released a few splits and 2 demos. In 2009 we changed our name to GRAVE RITUAL because our songs were becoming darker
and more focused and we felt that we should change the name.

3. Dark Recollections: how long has current line up been together?
GRAVE RITUAL : The line-up that recorded “Euphoric…” has been together for almost 2 years at this point. We added R.S. in 2009 and we
have been stable since then.

4. Dark Recollections: what have you released so far… what has been the response to releases so far?
GRAVE RITUAL : In 2009 we released a demo tape through SKELETON PLAGUE RECORDS. The response was really good. We sent probably 30 copies
of the tape to zines and maniacs around the world and all the responses we recieved were really supportive. At the end of
2010 we released our first full-length “Euphoric Hymns from the Altar of Death” on LP via DARK DESCENT RECORDS and CD via
RAZORBACK RECORDS. Its February at this moment so it has only been 2 months since its been released and i havent really
heard too much feeback on it yet. Matt from DARK DESCENT RECORDS sent alot of promo copies out right when the album was
released and so far the response from all those people have been good. I have read a couple of bad reviews also. haha.

5. Dark Recollections: talk about your debut Cd “Euphoric Hymns from the altar of Death”
<GRAVE RITUAL :We started writing and rehearsing for the full-length in December of 2009. We used 2 old songs off the last MEATHOLE
INFECTION demo tape and 1 song off of the GRAVE RITUAL demo. We wrote 6 songs between December and March and then recorded
in April. We fucked up the drum mics during the first recording session and so we had to re-record the whole thing. So we
get done doing another recording session and we realize we fucked up again!! The third and final time we recorded the full
length came out better than the others so we decided to stop there, even though there are alot of problems with the recording.
We were being cheap and recorded everything ourselves in our rehearsal room, which is in this run-down storage garage type
place. The sound was terrible in the room and our mics were cheap. About the music on the full-length though, we really only
had one goal and that was to write songs with good riffs that we like. We werent really trying to achieve a certain sound or

6. Dark Recollections: pick any song from Cd, and tell us what inspired its lyrics?
GRAVE RITUAL : R.E. did all the lyrics and vocals for the album. I have no idea of the source of "inspiration" that he used. Personally,
my favorite lyrics are to "Obscurdom" and "Beyond Diabolus".

7. Dark Recollections: who did the art work for cd?
GRAVE RITUAL : Our friend SCHMUDENHAVEN (schmudenhaven[at]yahoo[dot]com). He has been doing art for us since atleast 2006. He has done
a couple of demo covers and the old MEATHOLE INFECTION logo. He did the artwork for the GRAVE RITUAL DEMO 2009 also. He did
his best work on the full length though. We were really pleased with the way the cover and layout art came out.

8. Dark Recollections: have you had any offers from labels to distribute your Cd outside of Amerika?
GRAVE RITUAL :Not sure of the cd but i have seen the LP version at Blood Harvest, Iron Bonehead, Nuclear Winter, etc…

9. Dark Recollections: anyone in the band, was or is involved in any projekts prior to joining Grave Ritual?
J.B. and R.E. were MEATHOLE INFECTION. 2005-2009
R.S. was in BLOATED CARCASS. 2004-2009.

10. Dark Recollections: have you played any live shows, what are some of the bands you played with?
Yes we have played a few shows so far. Mostly small DIY places with local bands. Last year in Atlanta we played with SPEWTILATOR
and LIVING DECAY on a Sunday afternoon and there was a very nice size crowd. Later that same year we played at the same place
with HELLGOAT and COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE. The crowd that day was alot smaller but the show was still a success. Our biggest show
happened in December of 2010 at RITES OF DARKNESS FEST 2 in San Antonio, Texas. It was a 2 day event and we played with alot of great

11. Dark Recollections:what is the scene like here you live, any bands you recommend checking out?
GRAVE RITUAL : The scene here in Alabama is terrible. Honestly i cant think of one band to recommend to you thats from here. The show turnouts are
usually horrible. The bands that do well here are christian metal-core and any kind of soft rock/emo thing. Earlier i said we practice
in an old run-down storage unit type building with 8 other bands. 4 of the bands just try to rip off Pantera the whole time and
never write a single song while the others are useless shitty cover bands that play in bars/restaraunts. All that being said though
we play a show every once in awhile in Birmingham with a couple of good bands and play to our friends and whatever random
"crusties" are trying to beg.

12. Dark Recollections: any merchandise available from the band (list items and prices)
"Euphoric…" full length vinyl LP $15 us/ $21 world
"Euphoric…" full length CD $8 us/ $14 world
white shirt (disgusting reaper design) $12 us/ $17 world
black shirt (daniel desecrator design) $12 us/ $17 world
Of course email us first for availability and sizes. All prices include shipping. If buying more than one item we give a cheaper price.
we should also have longsleeve shirts soon with the desecrator design with more artwork on the sleeve and back.
TRADES WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13. Dark Recollections:any last words, comments? thanks for the interview
GRAVE RITUAL :Thanks for the letting us do the interview. We will be recording 4 new songs for a MLP to come out this year with our most
well written songs to date. Europe is also a possibilty for the future.
graveritual [at] hotmail [dot] com


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