KAIJU(usa) interview

Kaiju interview for Dark Recollections 2011

Kaiju Interview Dark Recollections 2011
1. Dark Recollections: Hails… for those not familiar with the entity known as Kaiju
please introduce the band… who does what plays what instruments, etc?
Kaiju is mad man Joel from the band Monument of Bones on all the music. And me (Nev) vocals,lyrics, and occasional art.

2. Dark Recollections: how long has the current line up been together?
Kaiju: Since the beginning actually. We’ve had some guests pop up every now and then. Well i take that back the “original” members of the band were me and Elektrocutioner. I asked him if he wanted to try a project together. He said sure and he wrote one song (which we will be releasing soon). But time and other projects got the best of us and we put the beast to rest. I finally had some free time and asked him if it was ok to go ahead with out him. He said it was totally fine and thats when Joel and i got to talking about Kaiju.

3. Dark Recollections: what is the origin of the word Kaiju, its meaning and why was the name chosen for the band?
Kaiju is the japanese word for “strange beast”. I am a HUGE fan of kaiju/daikiaju movies and i always liked the word and the genre of film and comics hence the reason why i named this little project as such.

4. Dark Recollections: what have you released so far.. and what has been the response to your releases?
Kaiju: Well we did a 5 song free demo called, “The Gods Are Angry” that was out first release. I handed it out at shows in the chicago area and passed it around to various labels, sites, and friends. Then we did our full length, “Total Monster Armageddon” that i released myself (Shepherd of Rot Records) it was 9 songs and to make it an extra bargain we put the 5 song demo on there. Our newest release is a 6 song ep called, “Unwilling Sacrifices” out from Slaney Records. We have lots of splits planed for 2011 as well. Skeletal Spectre, Druid Lord, Worm Food, Scaremaker are just a few of the bands we are going to be working with. Still looking for some label support for these too HINT HINT:)
As far as the response, i would say its mixed. A lot of people like us and a few websites have bashed the balls out of our full length. I know one website we sounded like Dethklok, which i found amusing. Its ok though Joel and I aren’t in this for friends, Joel likes to write and record i like to fart into microphones. If we gain some following awesome!!! If not well then we’ll just keep on going.

5. Dark Recollections: how would you describe your music to someone who has not heard it yet?
Kaiju: Thats a tough one, we never set out to sound like any band or genre. When i asked Joel to help me out all i told him was to imagine a giant monster crushing a populated city and write a soundtrack to that. I think Joel is a fantastic musician and song writer, he pretty much nailed the sound right on the head in my opinion.

6. Dark Recollections: talk about your latest release “unwilling sacrifices”
<Kaiju: Well as stated earlier its a 6 song ep (one intro 5 songs) put out by the really cool label Slaney Records! The quality of the inserts on this bad boy is some of the best i have seen and im not just saying that cause its my own band, they really do look great! We had Elektrokutioner run a simple mix on the songs we had, and once again it sounds really good. couldn't be happier with them. We had Vanessa from Skeletal Spectre/Wooden Stake etc.. fame do some lyrics on a track, and Chicago artist Putrid did a logo for the cd face!! All in all very proud of this one.

7. Dark Recollections: there seems to be a big change in sound as style between new release and "total monster armageddon" (release submit by band for review) was this a natural progression or did you plan on making something different with new release?
Kaiju: That would have to be answered by joel. I mean when we started brain storming ideas for the ep we never said make it sound different. SO i guess that came pretty naturally. Lyrically we did take a step back from the giant monster thing just a hair. I had some cool ideas for lyrics that i wanted to try out. We'll get back to the monster soon:)
from JOEL:I didnt set out to change the sound at all, I believe it still has the same vibe..But I was listining to alot of old Slayer vinyl at the time so that might of effected it!!

8. Dark Recollections: what influences your music and lyrics?
Kaiju: GIANT MONSTERS!!! haha Godzilla for one, old horror flicks, comics, Occult stuff. Lots of things really. But i would say mainly old Kaiju flicks.

9. Dark Recollections: what instruments of torture do you use or abuse to achieve your sound?
Kaiju: another question for Joel, but i use a shit bag USB mic.
from JOEL:My weapons of abuse are..B.C.Rich Mockingbird and A Dean Ml..with lots of pedal s of Destruction!!! My main musical influence for this project is Candlemass, Mercyful fate and the old great Death metal bands!!!!

10. Dark Recollections: It seems like death metal is making a come back… what are your thoughts on that.. any new bands you like, recommend checking out?
eh..everything comes back around eventually. thats just life. i think disney made a movie about the circle of life. There are LOTS of bands to check out due to the internet. I would just say start looking through metal archives and go form there. ha. My tastes are all over the board so to name drop a bunch of bands would be kind of lame. Just check stuff out for yourself. The internet can be a double edge sword, but for checking out bands its fantastic.

11. Dark Recollections: Does Kaiju get to play live or is band a studio only project?
Kaiju: I don't think Kaiju will ever play live. I mean i would love to but Joel and I are in different states. Maybe if someone thru us a truck of money it could be done haha.

12. Dark Recollections: what's the song "firesloth" about … and whose idea was it to add keyboards in the song?
Kaiju: Firesloth ah yes. I think sloths are fucked up looking cute creatures. I mean they look like something out of star wars. very weird. Well i had envisioned what if there was a giant kaiju sloth that was the cause of a massive fire. I mean fire can move like a beast from house to house, village to village. Why not the cause be from a giant sloth covered in fire.
As far as Keyboards/organs thats all joel. I like how he mixes them in there to some of the songs. Its a cool feature that many bands try and don't pull it off, but i think joel does it well. It adds some creepy vibes to some of of songs.

13. Dark Recollections: any last words, comments?
Kaiju: Well thanks for checking us out and the interview!! I hope everyone enjoys the new ep and our future releases!! Get in contact with the band via my email ANevler777@gmail.com or one of pages (myspace, twitter, Facebook, Reverbnation) for updates on releases and mercy!!! Cheers!


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