NECROVOMIT(ita) Interview

Necrovomit interview for Dark Recollections ‘zine 2011

1. Dark Recollections: Hails.. for those not familiar with the entity known as Necrovomit
introduce the band.
Necrovomit born back in March 2007 from a Necromolestor (guitar) and Black Angel Of Doom (vocals) idea,
bringing other 3 elemntents: Stabwounds Slaughter (Guitar), Necrolouder (Bass later on Guitar) and Bestial Torment Of Evil (Drums).
Starting quickly burning a serious mix of Thrash/Black and Death..
Some line-up changes After Demo release: OGM Goat join on Bass and A.T. La Morte became our Vocalist,
with Necromelestor and B.T.O.E. is the actually four members Combo. A Big fuck to Charlatans who leaved…..

2. Dark Recollections:talk about your releases so far… what has the response been like?
Necrovomit: End of 2007 out the Self-Pro. demo, in 2009 after some delays… out the split 10″ with MEFITIC (Ita) on Drakkar Rec. (Fra)
and early 2010 cd split with In League With Satan (Ita).
Maybe a better distribution of the latter two would have been more appreciate,
more trades, web contacts and demo’s press have permitted a good Response in Underground Metal Scene.

3. Dark Recollections: How would you describe your music to someone who is not familiar with your sound?
Necrovomit: Basically our Sound it’s a Bestial Blackned Death Metal with some strong Morbid and Bestial Style.

4. Dark Recollections: will your debut demo ever be released again… perhaps as a Cd?
Necrovomit: At the moment, we hope to work to a new staff…about 600 copies are too much for a demo and our expectations…
also beacuse few of these tracks don’t reflect our actual sound.

5. Dark Recollections: talk about your latest split with In League with Satan…
Necrovomit: on the last sessions we had some problems with the Black Angel Of Doom come back to help Necromolestor
vomiting on some tracks and more, some delays on press from the label…

6. Dark Recollections: whose idea was it for the bands to unite on this release… have you heard about
In League with Satan prior to this release?
Necrovomit: We already know I.L.w.s. guys from “Club Alcolisti Millenari” and their self-titled cd.
Being in contact with Deathrash Armageddon (Jap) after the 1° demo re.release and know I.L.W.S. recording plans,
we agreed to make up the “NekroalKhoolik Abominations With Satan” release.

7. Dark Recollections: what is the song “morbid affliction” about… what inspired its lyrics?
Necrovomit: Morbid Afflicion is the malaise that is within us and the relationship we have with the beast and our dark side;
possessed by the beast we inflict pain and manslaughter.

8.Dark Recollections: not many bands out there play your style of music… what do you feel has inspired you?
Necrovomit is influenced by old Suoth American and Singaporean scene and other cult Bands like Blasphemy, Beherit, Von
and a lot of this kind of shit blessed by Baphomet you Know.

9. Dark Recollections: who did your side of the artwork for split Cd with In League with Satan?
Necrovomit: As for the demo and the split 10″ LP with Mefitic, Leo Belardinelli,from Visceral Delirium, a local Death Metal
band, supported us drawing the cover, reflecting our music and old style metal covers…

10. Dark Recollections: has anyone shown interest in releasing your split Eps on Cd format?
(in league with satan and mefitic split 10 in Lps)
Necrovomit: NO. Same as the demo’s re.release.

11.Dark Recollections: any offers for a full to release your debut Cd yet?
Necrovomit: No for the moment…nothing important for a full.
Now we are working for another split for Chalice of Blood Angel Prod.

12. has necrovomit played live… what can a person expect at your shows?
Necrovomit: Before the line-up Problems..The last serious Necrovomit show was on Dec. 2008 at Rest In Festering Slime..with Eroded,Voids Of Vomit,
Heaten Lifecode with 200 persons…

13. Dark Recollections:any last words, comments? thanks for the interview
Necrovomit: Thanks for support brother. Corrupt Yourself With The Bonecrushing Evil Noize
and Baptize your Soul in the Goat’s Black Blood River of Necrovomit.

Necromolestor, O.G.M. Goat


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