PANDEMONIUM(Poland) interview

PANDEMONIUM – interview Dark Recollections 2011 – Mark (guitar) answered the questions.

1.Dark Recollections: For those not familiar with the abomination known as Pandemonium, introduce the band. (who does what, plays what instruments, etc)

M. Hellish regards guys! We’re a band from Poland and we perform music that draws from many metal trends, especially death, black, doom metal. Some people call it Dark Metal but the best idea is just to listen to this stuff and fuck the schemas.
Paul is vocalist, as well as guitarist, he is the author of all lyrics. Michael is bass player, he is also the main headbanger at the stage, haha. Simon the drummer is like war machine, he is fanatic, he trains even 5 hours a day, drums are his whole life. I am the second guitarist and also composer. I have to mention our fifth band member – his name is Greg from Godz ov War Productions and he is the band manager, great guy who takes care for all the marketing stuff and more.

2. Dark Recollections: Give us a brief band bio.

M. OK, I could write a book with thousands of interesting stories that happened during Pandemonium’s existence but… let me focus on essential things. Band’s existed for 20 years, last year was our 20’th anniversary so it’s a serious opportunity to have a couple of drinks, hah. Regarding the crew, it changed many times through those years and only the leader Paul stayed from the beginning. The group was originally formed in autumn 1989 under the name PANDEMONIUM. The founders were PAUL (guitar, vocal) and PETER (drums). During that time there were no music bands of this nature in Poland and in West Europe there were only SAMAEL, CELTIC FROST and BATHORY. The lack of such bands was the reason why they gained so many fans. In December of 1990 PANDEMONIUM registered its first Reh Tape. After several concerts PANDEMONIUM became one of the most popular bands in Poland right next to KAT, IMPERATOR and VADER. The end result was a contract with CARNAGE Records and officially published material called “Devilri”. Tens of thousands of copies sold made it probably the best selling demo in the world, which was a great achievement those days. The next album “The Ancient Katatonia” was published in 1994 at the music festival Metalmania, where such bands as MORBID ANGEL, SAMAEL, and CANNIBAL CORPSE performed. This concert was the culmination point for the whole existence of PANDEMONIUM. Some time passed and things went wrong, Pandemonium ended… a few years later Paul started “Domain” episode with different musicans. It lasted for many years, of course Paul and the horde still created great music of similar style. During the spring of 2002 DOMAIN entered studio to record a sensational new album “GAT ETEMMI”. The album was highly valued even by old fans of PANDEMONIUM, though a considerable amount of electronic sounds. Unfortunately, a lack of appropriate promotion and some personal misunderstandings among the members of DOMAIN caused that band itself had to suspend its activities for several months.
Then, at last, many fantastic situations appeared and Paul was able to reactivate Pandemonium. I joined the new crew and we record an experimental, dark and atmospheric “The Zonei” album that effected in the Poland Tour with BEHEMOTH. In opposite to electronic “The Zonei” we started to think about “live” drums and oldschool black&roll times. That was what we missed, old good youth times when death metal was being born. Then the new rhytm section joined us – Simon and Michael, we play together so far. We signed contract with Mystic Prod. label and recorded raging, death/black metal old school album “Hellspawn” which met with great reviews. Unfortunatally we met again with a lack of any promotional moves so “Hellspawn” was known mainly in Poland. In a meantime we played on many prestigious festivals like Metalmania, Mystic Festival, Strashydlo with bands like CELTIC FROST, SAMAEL, SLAYER. Now, we are working on the new stuff “Misanthropy” and we are close to signing a contract with Pagan Records. A few weeks ago we also released a Promo 2010 CD with two new tracks and some live video clips. Simultanously limited a version of Devilri LP went out thanks to our Godfather Greg.

3. Dark Recollections: How long has current line-up been together.

M. Actual crew is probably the most stable and tuned , we played dozens of gigs together and we’re working on the second album. I have no fucking idea how long exactly we are together in this adventure but it must have been about 5 years. It’s hard to believe but for the last 2 years every one of us lives in a different city.

4. Dark Recollections: Pandemonium has been in the underground scene for a long time, what has it been like to be around for so long, see so many bands come and go, and still be around now?

M. Life. Very often a trifle or an accident decides about band’s life. Sometimes it is some unnecessary argument, sometimes someone’s death, you never know what life will bring you tomorrow. Many great bands went into oblivion but there are still some names that became a legend. Of course now is a different time: lots of bands, Internet, TV. Underground metal in Poland is still underground but everything is easier. There’s lot of fucking metal lords and there is plenty of shit too. I don’t care. There is no time to think about the past, it was magic but won’t back. We are trying to find ourselves in a new situations and do what we can do best in music staying honest to ourselves. Now or never.

5. Dark Recollections: Pandemonium was inactive for a few years, what inspired you to start doing Pandemonium again?

M. You can stop playing but there is always a fucking longing, you just sometimes need breake to take a breath and start doing some things in a different way. New point of view and some distance brings new forces. Sometimes it is a kind of impact, a cosmic impulse. New opportunities appeared, Pandemonium logo and name were free to use by Paul.

6. Dark Recollections: Talk about your last album ” Hellspawn”?

M. After we had finished recording that stuff, we listened to that many times. My first impression and visualisation was a fucking red mocking devil wearing a hat and showing finger to people. So far this is Pandemonium’s most brutal album. Homage to oldschool black and death music with some groovy, some doomy riffs. Ok, I don’t want to speak about this stuff, you must listen to that and love it or hate it, it’s only now when many new reviews appeared on metal zines. Lyrically “Hellspawn” is very antyreligious, expresses human’s dark side and rebelion.

7. Dark Recollections: What is the song ” hypnotic dimension” about?

M. Like the rest of the album the message is not unequivocal. It refers to Sumerian beliefs and demonology but it is more universal. Fear, expectations, hopes, death, unknown… How would Sumers imagine the end of time, and how Christians do ? Is it
reality or a morbid vision or maybe some kind of… hypnotic dimension ?

8. Dark Recollections: Have you had any offers to release “Hellspawn” on Lp?

M. Not yet, but I think it is worth that, especially concerning its raw, oldschool guitar sound. Would be great but maybe it is too early.

9. Dark Recollections: Tell us about re-release of kult “Devilry” demo on LP?

<M. I guess many people waited for this release. You know, when "Devilri" was released there were no CDs in Poland so the stuff went out on magnetic cassette. A few years later Pandemonium remastered "Devilri/Ancient Katatonia" and recorded it on CD because fans wanted to have this legendary album on new modern media. This time "Devilri" has been released by Godz ov War Productions in a limited number of 250 black and 250 white vinyl copies with twelve pages booklet. To every LP Pandemonium Promo 2010 a digipack is added for free.

10. Dark Recollections: Can we expect a new Pandemonium Cd in the near future?

M. Fuck yeah! We're still working on it and it's approaching the finish. We plan to record it before holidays and if no shit happens, "Misantrophy" will be released in fall 2011. It will be a succesor of "Hellspawn" but more black, more dark. You can listen to one new track "Black Forest" on our Myspace profile.

11. Dark Recollections: Have you had any offers to play outside of Poland?

So far we played some gigs abroad: in Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic – that were great journeys, we had a lot of fun and I suppose, metal hordes too 😉 In nineties Pandemonium played also in Switzerland. We're planning to play in Austria this year, and probably in other European countries.

12. Dark Recollections: Any merchandise available from you?

M. Yes, we've got plenty of fantastic hellish stuff. All that you can find on our MySpace profile and also on EBay. Being more specific we've got t-shirts and long sleeves of excellent quality, embroidered patches, printed stickers, keyholders and of course CD's, for now availabe are "Hellspawn" and "Promo 2010". Not to forget about the most important – "Devilri" LP.
Most of things, we create in limited quantities, so you can expect new patterns and designs every now and then.

13. Dark Recollections: Any last words, comments? Thanks for the interview!

M. Best fucking regards from Pandemonium to all metal fans, I hope we'll have opportunity to play some gigs in the USA in a nearest future. Until that time get familiar with our music, you won't be dissapointed. Horns up bastards!

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