Psychopathic Terror Interview for Dark Recollections 2011

1. Dark Recollections: Hails…for those not familiar with Psychopathic Terror , introduce the band…
who does what, plays what instruments, etc.
<Psychopathic Terror: -There was a drummer and lead guitarist on the first two albums,but as I have recorded the next album
all by myself,the current line up is just me.

2. Dark Recollections: where any demos released prior to debut Cd beeing released?
Psychopathic Terror: -No. There was a 3 track promo cd which I sent to record labels and a couple of magazines,but it
wasn`t on sale,didn`t have any cover and those tracks were taken from the first album. So it wasn`t
any official release,or demo.

3. Dark Recollections: what kind of response have your debut Cd "fucker"?
Psychopathic Terror: -Some good reviews and some bad,the normal stuff you know.

4. Dark Recollections: talk about your latest release "230204"… where was it recorded, who produced it,
what was it like going into the studio a second time to record , what has response to
release been like?
Psychopathic Terror: -It wasn`t recorded in a “real” studio like the first album,as I recorded and mixed it here in Finland,
and it was mastered in Spain. It got some great reviews,didn`t expect that to happen although I think
it`s pretty good album.

5. Dark Recollections: what is the number “230204” about… and why was it chosen as name for the album?
Psychopathic Terror: -It`s a date,something to do with Finnish criminal history. I though it would be a bit more original
than a typical Death Metal title.

6. Dark Recollections: what is the song “welcome to the spahn ranch” about and what inspired its lyrics?
Psychopathic Terror: -Well,as an american you should be familiar with Spahn Ranch. It`s about America`s favourite bad guy,
namely Charles Manson,who is always called a serial killer or murderer,although there isn`t any proof
that he has killed anybody. “Welcome to the spahn ranch” is written from another perspective of that
thing,and on the next album there is another song written from another perspective.

7. Dark Recollections: do you see Psychopathic terror as a continuation of your first band Depravity ,
or is it 2 different bands?
Psychopathic Terror: -I see it as totally different band. In Depravity,Enska (guitar) wrote 95% of the music and in Psychopathic
Terror I write all the music,so it automatically sounds different.

8. Dark Recollections: would Depravity’s demos and Ep ever be released on Cd?
-Psychopathic Terror: Adipocere Records was supposed to re-release both mini-cd and 7″ep on one cd but I don`t know what
happened to that project.

9. Dark Recollections: Is Psychophatic Terror a studio band only or do you get to play live?
Psychopathic Terror: -It seems like it will be a studio band.

10.Dark Recollections: can we expect any new releases in the near future?
Psychopathic Terror: -Yeah,the 3rd album has been ready for some time now,and should be out real soon. Self-released this time.

11.Dark Recollections: any merchandise available from you? (if so list items, prices, etc)
Psychopathic Terror: -I`ve got a few copies left of “230204”-cd for 10 Euros,so drop an email if you want to buy one.

12. Dark Recollections: any last words, comments? thanks for the interview
Psychopathic Terror:-Thanks for the interview. Look out for the 3rd album,should be out real soon.


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