TERRA CAPUT MUNDI interview for Dark Recollections 2011

Interview with Jared

1. Dark Recollections: for those not familiar with the metal machine known as Terra Caput Mundi,
introduce the band.(who does what, plays what instruments?)J: TCM is Jared Caput Mundi (myself) on bass and vocals, Destructsean on guitar, and Sarah Caput Mundi on drums.

2. Dark Recollections: give us a brief band bio.
J: 005/M3 – TCM conceived by myself in order to express the grim darkness of the far future through ripping heavy metal.
006/M3 – 3 songs were recorded by myself for a split demo with RÖT.
007/M3 – Sarah Caput Mundi and Thrash Attack Zack were recruited on drums and guitar, respectively. A 5-track demo was recorded shortly after this lineup was finalized.
008/M3 – Debut album “Warp Speed Warriors” released.
010/M3 – Zack left the band by “accidentally” being blown out of an airlock. Destructsean joined on guitar.

3. Dark Recollections: talk about what you have released so far?
J: A few demos, the debut CD “Warp Speed Warriors”, a live CDR “Alive in the Hive”. That is all thus far. This year you can expect a new album and possibly a split 7″ with our friends in Wastelander.

4. Dark Recollections: who came up with the name Terra Caput Mundi(meaning)?
J: To come up with the name, I combined the term “Terra” with the Latin phrase “Roma Caput Mundi”, which translates to “Rome, Capital/Center of the World”. I stretched the definition of the word “mundi” a bit to imply the term “universe”, and replaced “Roma” with “Terra”. thus the name Terra Caput Mundi, which of course would mean “Terra, the Center of the Universe”. Quite a fitting name, considering the lyrical theme based around Warhammer 40,000, and the “neo-Roman” themes often present therein. And it is a band name that I knew 100% would not be taken already!

5.Dark Recollections: what has the reponse to your various releases like?
J: I’ve yet to read a thoroughly negative review of any of our releases. Most of them are quite shining, in fact.

6. Dark Recollections: talk about your debut Cd “warped speed warriors”
J: “Warp Speed Warriors” was a very rushed production that in hindsight I wish we would have taken more time on, but of course everyone is their own worst critic. Despite that, there are still some great songs on it that we still include in our live sets, such as “Spinefisting Terror” and “kult of Speed”.

7. Dark Recollections: what is the song “rogue trader” about, what inspired its lyrics?
J: Literally the song is about being adopted from the gutters of a rough-and-tumble world into a dynasty of space pirates, but the inspiration for the lyrics was the illness and death of my father which occured as the song was being written, and the bond between he and I.

8. Dark Recollections: have you had any offers to release your debut Cd on vynil?
J: Haha, no. That would be a waste of good vinyl!

9. Dark Recollections: who did the artwork for your Cd?
J: The art on “Warp Speed Warriors” was done by a gentleman named Thomas Plunk, a tattoo artist from our local sector. See more of his work at http://www.evermoretattoos.com.

10. Dark Recollections: can we expect a new Terra Caput Mundi release in the near future?
J: Yes; a new album sometime this year, and possibly a split 7″ with Wastelander. Maybe others? Feel free to contact us, labels…

11. Dark Recollections: what is the scene like where you live, any bands you recommend checking out?
J: The heavy metal scene in the St. Louis Gateway Hive is quite weak, but there are a few gems in the proverbial asteroid. We have old stalwarts like Anacrusis and Megalith, and up-and-coming rippers like ThorHammer and Cross Examination. All are worth your time.

12. Dark Recollections: any band merchandise available from you? (list items and prices)
J: “Warp Speed Warriors” CD – $10
“Alive in the Hive” CDR $2
Logo patches – $1
Buttons / Stickers – 2 for $1
And as I write this we have no shirts, but we likely will at the time of publishing. Assume $10 and contact for images. All prices USD.

13. Dark Recollections: any last words, comments? thanks for the interview
J: Thanks & cheers to you Wilhelm…get Lost in the Warp!



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