answered by kat shevil vox

1. Dark Recollections: Greetings… for those not familiar with the dbeat apokalyptic crust machine known as Winds of Genocide introduce the band… who does what plays what instruments, etc
Apokalyptic Hails Wilhelm! Ok we are a four piece currently consisting of myself on vokills, Glynn on 5 string guitarmageddon, Linus on heavy artillery drum batteria and Dan on bulldozing bass.

2. Dark Recollections:How long has current line up been together?
This line up has been together since October 2009 and is the first full line up the band has had. So we have had a stable line up ever since.

3. Dark Recollections:how did your debut demo “Apokalyptic death crust” do as far as fan response, sales, is it still available?
I am not exactly sure on the total sales due to Witchhammer Productions taking care of most of the promotion and selling etc of that recording/release. We have pretty much got rid of the copies we were sent and it seems to have gotten around quite abit via other labels-distros too from what I have seen but I have yet to ask Jerasak at Witchhammer how many copies out of the 200 that we made have been sold so far, thanks for reminding me, I must do that soon out of curiosity!. The response to it from what I have seen so far has been cool, I mean it is just a raw as fuck live in the rehearsal room recording done on a shitty old four track which didn’t have all 4 tracks working so we aren’t expecting people to say it is amazing or anything! I think people are attracted to that recording because of the raw necro vibe, we just plugged in and made an unholy noisey racket! I do wish the vocals and guitars were abit more prominent on that recording, but overall I like the really necro punky vibe of it! I think some copies of it will still be available from various distros and Witchhammer, best check with them if you wanna grab a copy of this very limited release. Once those 200 are gone that’s it!!.

4. Dark Recollections:you been active with different bands and different styles of music, what is it like
been active in a band now as it was back in your early years?
I am just as enthusiastic, if not more enthusiastic about being in a band now than I ever was, I feel like I have something to prove again and have a hunger to create music like never before, I am quite abit older now than I was when my first band was formed so we were quite naive to everything back then as some of us were just school kids (16 years old) when my ex death metal band Morstice was formed back in early 1992 and when we recorded our first demo, it was a whole new experience for us and a big learning curve in the world of making extreme music. Also since my last band (a Doomrock band called Blessed Realm that was formed in late 1993) decided to call it quits I have matured and changed a lot as a person and know what I want more in a band thesedays, I have a lot more knowledge, wisdom and definetly know what direction I want to take a band in thesedays, the original concept of Winds of Genocide (which I first had in late 2005) has turned out exactly as I first envisioned it which I am very happy about! The metal scene and extreme music scene in general overall has obviously changed a fucking lot since I first became active in the underground scene with bands, many shitty trends have came and gone in that time and many shitty trends still exist today but I think that will always be the case, but it is great to see a lot of bands out there still creating killer underground metal and punk music and I will just continue to make music that I want to hear myself and not what I think other people want to hear, if people like what my current band does musically then thats great, if not then its no big deal to me, you cant please everyone nor expect every single person out there to like what you do.

5. Dark Recollections:not much is known about Winds of Genocide as a band… give us a short bio…
Formed under a funeral moon during a graveyard satanic sacrifice at midnight on the 6th day of the 6th month Anno 2006. We evoked the spirits of old death metal and Kängpunk that night during a drinking session in an inverted pentagram of burning strongbow cider bottles. The old ancient gods of crust punk and death metal told us that we should set forth on a musical path just as they did long before us and create an apocalyptic hybrid beast of both musical styles and within the flames of that burning pentagram we christened our music “Apokalyptic Death Crust”. At first there was just two of us in the band but we eventually found likeminded musicians to help us create the unholy apokalyptic death crust distortion from hell you hear on our recordings. We have been desecrating live venues and deafening people with our choatic mayhemic raw live rituals since late 2009.

6. Dark Recollections: talk about yer latest Ep “the arrival of apokalyptic armageddon” what has reponse to Ep being like?
So far the response has been overwhelming, really great, we are very happy with the response people have gave the recording so far, we are very proud of this recording, our intention was to come out of the studio last summer armed with a very powerful debut studio recording and I definetly think we achieved that with the help of BriDoom who produced and mixed it at Studio 1in12 Bradford. It is selling steadily although we do need more help with distribution for the CD version we have released ourselves, so if there is any distros-labels out there willing to help us spread our musical mayhem then please get in touch at one of the contacts provided at the end of this interview. We recorded and mixed it over 3 days in late July/early August 2010 under the influence of strong polish beer and other self destructive substances. It features 6 tracks “Doomsday Soldiers”, “In The Shadow Of The Scythe of Death”, “The Arrival Of Apokalyptic Armageddon”, “A Nightmare Vision”, “Storms Of Hooded Horsemen” and “Hellhounds Of The Macabre End” influenced by old Crust-D beat-Raw Punk, old school death metal, blackthrash and the forces of darkness and evil.
7. Dark Recollections: Is Ep self released or was released by record label?
We have initially released a CD version of the EP ourselves on our own little “label” we call Dödsproduktioner. A pro cassette tape version is planned for release by Witchhammer Productions sometime this year and we have also been approached by a label about the possibility of having these songs released on vinyl on a limited edition run but nothing is 100% confirmed about that at the moment but hopefully it will happen.

8. Dark Recollections: have you had any offers for a full lenght Cd yet?
No, not yet but it would be cool to eventually have the opportunity to release a full length album. We do however have a split CD with the Japanese black thrash cult Abigail in the pipeline which will be unleashed upon the underground hordes by Witchhammer Productions, probablys sometime later this year. We will enter the studio in the summer (again with BriDoom producing at Studio 1in12) to record our side of the split aswell as some other songs (possibly including a cover) for a yet to be decided release. We are very honoured to be getting the opportunity to share a split with Abigail- Hail Yasuyuki!.

9. Dark Recollections: what is the song “hellhounds of the macabre end” about… what inspired its lyrics?
The lyrics to this song are basically about an apocalyptic wasteland created by the final battle between good and evil which has unleashed unholy forces from hell to destroy mankind and all left alive and is also about some unfortunate person who has survived the war but is hunted down by hounds of hell across the blackened wastelands and ultimately killed by a pack of wild demonic dogs who are referred to as “the hellhounds of the apocalypse” in the lyrics. The Macabre End” part of the title is my little tribute to the old Swedish death metal band who called themselves that (who later changed their name to God Macabre) it also refers to the rather grisly, painful and macabre end the person in the lyrics suffers.In relation, Ola the ex guitarist in Macabre End also designed our various band logos and also designed all of the inlay for our EP (except the front cover which was done, handpainted actually by a guy called Mikhell, a friend of ours from the band Lazarus Blackstar).

10 Dark Recollections: Tell us about your some of the shows you played so far… how does the crowd react to your music played live?
We have mostly just played locally in the North East wastelands of England so far, the responses and shows have mostly been very positive although we have had a couple shows where we have been plagued by various problems, technical and otherwise which have hindered our performance but overall we are known for a putting on a very furious raw chaotic live show, how old death and punk bands used to play, do not expect a polished performance from us and…no drum triggers or vocal effects just PURE RAW FUCKING MUSICAL CHAOS, POWER AND AURAL ARMAGEDDON!!!

11. Dark Recollections: Talk about your upcoming show with U.K legends Hellbastard… did you ever imagine you would share the stage with them?
It is a great opportunity for us to open up for and play with Hellbastard on a couple dates of their forthcoming UK tour in April. We will play with them in London on April 16th at The Electrowerkz aswell as here in Durham City on April 24th(a show I am putting on), really looking forward to those shows, they should be alot of fun and should be killer!! Heres some trivia for you, I was asked by Scruff from Hellbastard back in late 2007 if I wanted to do vocals for a reformed Hellbastard after he got the inspiration to reanimate the band once again, at first there was only myself and Scruff involved in the initial reformation of the band and I spent 6 months or so learning old songs at home but a few days before we were due to rehearse together for the first time as a full band Scruff decided that he wanted to do the vocals himself and called me to tell me my vocal services were no longer required. So there is some history between myself and the current Hellbastard reformation. To be honest I am kinda glad that happened as it left me with more time to focus on getting Winds of Genocide off the ground and active and to be honest I don’t think I would enjoy just singing someone elses songs and lyrics, I get to be fully creative with this band and have a lot more control over things.

12. Dark Recollections:any merchandise available from you…(if so list items, prices, etc)
Right now just the CD version of “The Arrival Of Apokalyptic Armageddon” EP is available from us for £4.50(UK)/£5.00(EUROPE), £5.50 (REST OF WORLD) all postage and packing included. Shirts and patches are in the pipeline. Contact us via our myspace page or at shevil.kitty666[at]gmail[dot]com if you want to procure our EP you can pay via paypal or via the old school snail mail way, we will accept euros and also postal orders( within UK), just let us know which method of payment you would like to use when contacting us and more details will be sent. It should be available via some distros in the not too distant future.

13. Dark Recollections: any last words, comments? thanks for the interview
Many thanks and hails for the cool interview Wilhelm, appreciate the support! DEATH TO FALSE D BEAT!!! DESECRATE YOUR STEREO WITH SOME APOKALYPTIC DISTORTION FROM HELL! HAIL FUCKING SATAN!!


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