0xist(fin) Interview

0xist interview for Dark Recollections 2011

1. Dark Recollections: for those not familiar with the doomed entity known as 0xist,
introduce the band.(who does what, plays what instruments, etc)

Jani: 0 X í S T are Jani Koskela – Guitar & Vocals, Henrik Hajanti – Guitar, Ossi Leino – Bass guitar, Mikael Ahlstén – Drums. The band name is pronounced as “zero exist” and we play heavy dark metal exclusively.

2. Dark Recollections: how hard was it to find suitable band members ?

Jani: It took some time to get things started. I started the search for members in early 2009, when 0xíst myspace page was launched and the first tentative demos were posted online. Our original drummer Andy Koski-Semmens was one of the first to comment there, but we didn’t talk about him joining 0xíst until a few months later. At that point Ossi had already announced his will to play bass for 0xíst. Around the time when we started to rehearse as a band, Ossi recommended us to try Henrik to play the other guitar. Andy decided to leave the band in late 2010 and since we all knew Mikael, we decided to ask him to play the drums. One could say that things have been progressing quite smoothly.

3. Dark Recollections: how long has current line up been together?

Jani: Since Mikael joined us in November 2010.

4. Dark Recollections: was a demo released prior to debut MCd?

Jani: No, “Unveiling the Shadow World” was our first release. We went to record it in September 2009 and had already decided to release it as a CDEP. Before releasing it by ourselves we decided to check if any label would be interested in putting it out. Ostra Records released the CDEP in April 2010.
After that we recorded a two track demo and released it as a limited edition CDr demo in October 2010. That demo is now sold out, but both of the tracks are going be released as reworked versions on our debut album.
I did record demos of the songs “Gazing into the Void” and “One Over Infinity” in 2008. They were released on 0xíst myspace while I was searching for members, but they were never officially released on CDr.

5. Dark Recollections: talk about your debut MCd “unveiling the shadow world”

Jani: It features 4 tracks and in total 24 minutes of music. The opener of the MCD, “Gazing into the Void”, was the first track that 0xíst ever completed and the second one “Kingdom of Slumber” came together just a few weeks before we went to the studio. “One Over Infinity” is another oldie and quite a basic 0xíst track that underlines the heaviness of our sound. The closing song “Unveil the Shadow World” is a bit more epic tune and has a bit more dynamic song structure compared to the rest of the songs. I think that each song manages to deliver the feeling that we aim to create.

6. Dark Recollections: what is the song “one over infinity” about, what inspired its lyrics?

Jani: It’s about the becoming of what a person is and will be, about being aware of what you are and also about progression. It refers to the same theme that our band name refers to; 0xíst can mean a state in which nothing exist, or a state of (all) awareness – you choose.

7. Dark Recollections: who did the artwork for Mcd?

Jani: It’s made by a French graphic artist whom we know as Yamaneko. Jean-yves of Ostra Records presented him to us and we like his craft alot. The work is based on his vision.

8. Dark Recollections: have you had any offers to release a full Cd yet?

Jani: Yes, we had a few to choose from, but we decided to stay with Ostra Records. We feel much honored about the fact that they have trusted in us since the very beginning and that they decided to release “Unveiling the Shadow World” CDEP even before we had released a demo. We think that they deserve to release the full-length CD as well.

9. Dark Recollections: not many bands out there play your style of music, in your opinion,
is it easier or harder to play your kind of music , as compared to say thrash or black metal?

Jani: It’s not hard; you only have to be focused on what you do and to do what you are here for. If you choose to define yourself as Dark Metal, your music also has to live up to that description and to deliver the right kind of feeling. Therefore I must say that I haven’t really discovered too many bands that I could truly define as dark metal. There are bands to whose works we can relate to in a certain level, such as Triptykon, Bethlehem, Deinonychus, Ajattara, Root, Morbid, early Samael and so on.

10. Dark Recollections: anyone in the band involved in other projekts besides 0xist?

Jani: I play rhythm guitar for Saattue. Mikael also used to be in that band.

11. Dark Recollections: what is the scene like where you live, any bands you recommend?

Jani: You would be surprised of all things lurking hidden in the dark cellars of Riihimäki and close by areas. You must have heard of Skepticism and maybe also of late Colosseum and Yearning. We have got here Syven, Thromdarr, Apocryphal Voice, Anger Cell, Saattue, Lähdön Aika, Murdershock, Seal of Beleth and lots of other groups who are very good at what they do.
Riihimäki always had a small but a capable scene, when it comes to underground music and to do it by yourselves activities. That is all you need – to be able to make yourself feel comfortable. This is not the place where you can grow big over a night, but it won’t be stopping you from getting to the other end of the world, if that is where you wish to go.

12. Dark Recollections:any merchandise available from the band? (list items and prices)

Jani: The easiest way to check that is to visit our myspace blog. Right now we have the CDEP (8€+p&p), a T-shirt (10€ +p&p) and hoodie (30€ +p&p) available. More items will be added later. http://www.myspace.com/oxist. “Unveiling the Shadow World” CDEP is also available from Ostra Records.

13. Dark Recollections: any last words, comments? thanks for the interview

Jani: Thank you very much for the interview. This is actually the first interview that has been submitted to us. At this moment we are recording our debut album and hoping to get it released in the spring 2011.


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