ANATOMIA(jap) Interview

1. Dark Recollections: For those not familiar with Anatomia please introduce the band.
ANATOMIA: Thanks a lot for this interview! OK, we started this band back in 2003 after the former TRANSGRESSOR broke up. The line-up since the formation is Jun (ex-Sadondeth, Worm), Yoshio (ex-Necro-E, Transgressor), and me Takashi (ex-Transgressor, Necrophile, Necro-E). We gathered to play pure doom death opposed to the new school form as “brutal death” trend back then! We wanted to play straight-up doom death like we did back in early ’90s.
2. Dark Recollections: Have there been any line up changes?
ANATOMIA: Not at all. We don’t have any line-up changes since the formation back in 2003!
3. Dark Recollections: what has Anatomia released so far… any merchandise available from you?
ANATOMIA: OK, here it is;
– demo CD-R 2003
– Dissected Humanity full CD 2005 (Necroharmonic)
– D.D.D.H. 3-way split CD with COFFINS and GRUDGE 2007 (Grindmind/Obliteration)
– Shred of Putrefaction 10 inch EP 2009 (Nuclear War Now!)
– Human Lust demo tape 2009
– Dissected Alive live LP 2009 (HMSS)
– Dissected Humanity LP 2010 (Nuclear War Now!)
– Merciless Torment split 7 inch EP with OFFAL 2010 (No Posers Please!)
D.D.D.H., Shred of Putrefaction, Human Lust, Merciless Torment split, Dissected Humanity shirts are available for now! Check out our merchandise list at our website
4. Dark Recollections: Have you had any offers to release Anatomia on vinyl?
ANATOMIA: We’ve already got some vinyl releases like Dissected Humanity LP, Shreds of Putrefaction EP, Dissected Alive LP, and split EP with OFFAL! More vinyls are coming out in the future!
5. Dark Recollections: what kind of response did your debut Cd get from the underground scene… is it still available?
ANATOMIA: I think Necroharmonic still stocks that CD. I heard Roy keeps it available all the time and he usually doesn’t limit the number of copies. We’ve got many good reviews for that album so far! Most reviews describes our music as Japanese slower version of Autopsy…
6. Dark Recollections: any releases planned for the near future?
ANATOMIA: Split EP with Decrepitaph is coming out really soon on Nuclear War Now! Productions. NWN! is also making our new shirts with Shreds of Putrefaction artworks! Some more splits are planned and later of this year, we are hoping to do our 2nd full length album too!
7. Dark Recollections: what inspired the lyrics to “suicides”?
ANATOMIA: I tried to make it really sick and disgusting with words describing it. Just inspired by the fact that the increasing number of young people commit suicide.
8. Dark Recollections: were you (drummer) also involved in Transgressor… any plans for a Transgressor re-union?
ANATOMIA: Yes, I was playing in Transgressor and also in Necrophile. It’s really hard to reform Transgressor for now as we don’t feel like doing it without the old original line-up. Our bass player lives in England now…
9. Dark Recollections: death metal seems to be making a comeback … your thoughts on that… favorite bands?
ANATOMIA: My favorites would go too long to mention here… Autopsy, Funebre, Grave, old Death, Necrotomy, Mausoleum, Headrot, Disembowelment, Decomposed, Burial Invocation, Cenotaph, Krypts, Grave Ritual, and more just comes up in my mind. I’m really glad to see many young bands are coming up and playing old school stuffs.
10. Dark Recollections: does Anatomia get to play live … have you had any offers to play outside Japan?
ANATOMIA: Yeah, we played at Kill Town Death Fest 1 last year in Denmark. After the fest, we played 2 shows in Germany. We’ve just got an offer to play in the US this year too but its not confirmed yet. We are arranging it right now. We play in average around 8-10 local live shows in a year.
11. Dark Recollections: what is the scene like where you live… any bands you recommend checking out?
ANATOMIA: It’s pretty good I think. There are so many underground bands and local live shows here. I would recommend bands like Maggut, Taste, Mononofu, Deadly Spawn, Dethbound, Fatal Desolation, Doraid, Butcher ABC, Sex Messiah, etc.
12. Dark Recollections: who did the artwork for “shreds of putrefaction”
ANATOMIA: Putrid did that cover for us! We just gave him the title and the image of the drawing we wanted and he came up with an idea of old splatter film Nest. His works are so amazing!
13. Dark Recollections: any last words, comments? thanks for the interview
ANATOMIA: Thanks again for this killer interview, Wilhelm! We’re having more and more materials coming out soon and hopefully our 2nd full length album will come out this year too! Keep supporting the underground death and doom! Stay morbid!


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