DRACENA(swe) Interview

Dracena interview for Dark Recollections 2011

1. Dark Recollections: For those not familiar with Dracena give us a brief bio.

Dracena was formed in 1994 in Gothenburg (SWE). At the beginning it consisted of only female members, but after some line-up changes the band ended up with a male drummer in 1998. We have released 3 demos (1997,1999, 2001) and one full length album (2006). During the years we have also had live appearances supporting bands as Lord Belial, Agathodaimon, Ancient, Sacramentum, Ancients Rebirth, SiebenbŸrgen…

2. Dark Recollections: talk about your demos and Ep you released… what kind of response

did they get from the fans… are they still available?

– All demos and the 7″ are sold out long time ago but are available as MP3 downloads from http://www.dracena.se. They all had a very good response both from the press and the fans. The first demo was released as a cassette of 100 copies total, called Demo’97. Second demo Demonic Women was recorded in 1999 by Andy La Roque at Los Angereds recordings and released as a CDR-demo and 7″ red vinyl. Third demo was named Labyrinth of Darkness and released in 2001, also as a CDR.

3. Dark Recollections: would you consider releasing demos and Ep on Cd?

– I have had offers throughout the years to have all the demos re-released as a CD-collection, but I would like to do that myself some day and we’ll see if that will ever happen 😉

4. Dark Recollections:Dracena used to be a band at some point… what happened to other members, have you had any luck finding replacements?

– The other members chose to participate in other projects rather than to continue with Dracena. Emma (guitar) became the bass player of Runemagick, sa (bass) had a few other projects on the side as well, and Mojjo (drums) also played with a lot of other bands such as Engel, Deathwitch, Runemagick etc. I am activeley searching new members and I have a few in line for the up coming record.

5. Dark Recollections: talk about your debut Cd “Infernal Damnation” what kind of response

did it get, who released it, is it still available?

– – The album was an independent release. I recorded the album myself, did all the vocals and played all the instruments except for the drums which was played by Mojjo 🙂 The full length is still available to buy, also through http://www.dracena.se. The album was voted “Demo of the month” in German magazine Rock Hard (demo as it is an independent release) and it recevied a great respons from the fans as well.

6. Dark Recollections: when you went into the studio to record album , did you get any help

from friends in other bands, or did you handle all instruments, was what is it

like recording and how long did recording process take?

– I wrote all the music and lyrics and did a pre-recording at home using a drum machine. I asked Mojjo to play the drums and gave him the recording to listen to and to learn the songs. Then we went to the studio and he played the drums and I did all the other stuff. The drums was recorded in one day, the other instruments maybe 1.5 day. Then I used a friends home-studio to record the vocals as I wanted time to get good vocals and to avoid to wear out the voice and we recorded 2 vocal tracks per session. So there’s a lot of space and time in this recording 🙂

7. Dark Recollections: what is the song “Purified in Pain” about, what inspired its lyrics?

– The whole album is written as a story inspired by Dante’s Inferno, a person who crosses over to Hell and what happens there. Purified in Pain is the moment of the arrival to Hell, the doubts appears and the regrets of why she ended up here. Also she is struck by the insight that this is where she will spend the eternity to come.

8. Dark Recollections: talk about some of the projekts, bands you are or were involved with?

– i have a band called Necrohell (SWE) which recorded a mini CD in 2002 (Rise the Shadow Within) containing of 5 songs. The album is said to be a cross between very early Bathory and Dark Throne. I had the next mini-CD written in 2003-2004, but never came around to record them. I opened up the project again a few months back and hope to have all songs recorded soon. I did some vocal appearances with Decayed (POR) in 2004, played the guitar for Deathwitch in 1996 and Pagan Rites in 2005 and did some live gigs with Witchblood last December, 2010.

9. Dark Recollections: It’s been almost 3 years since your debut Cd was released any plans

to record again , new songs, ep, Cd ?

– New songs are written and pre-recorded. I am now working with all arrangements and lyrics for the songs and when all is set I engage the new members and book the studio. The material is for a full lenght and it will sound a lot like Infernal Damnation, with a lot of infulences from the early 80’s!

10. Dark Recollections: what is your opinion on old school death metal making a comeback, any

new bands you like?

– I’ve never been a fan of the Death Metal scene, so I don’t have that much to add to the subject 🙂

11. Dark Recollections: do you got to metal shows much, if so., what was the last show you went to?

– Last show was my own gigs with Witchblood, supporting Total Hate and 4 other bands in Holland and Germany. I try to go to gigs as soon as there is a good band coming here and I also try to make it to a lot of the Open Airs throughot Euorope.

12.Dark Recollections: what is the scene like where you live any new bands you recommend checking out,

have you heard the latest Pagan Rites cd?

– I recently moved to Stockholm and to be honest I haven’t had time to get into the scene up here yet hehe. But I do notice there are a lot of gigs both of bigger and smaller bands most of the time. Can’t say that I have any new band to recommend either as I am still haunting the 80’s 😉 Nopes, haven’t heard the latest PR CD ether.

13. Dark Recollections: any comments, last words? thanks for the interview

– Keep the blood running down the screams! Thanx for the interview !..!


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