OMEGA(gre) Interview

Omega interview for Dark Recollections 2010

1. Dark Recollections: Introduce the band. (Who does what, plays what instruments, etc)

Hades – guitars/vocals/lyrics
Gulthor – lead/solo guitars/back vocals
Disaster – bass/back vocals
Minion the antichrist – drums

2. Dark Recollections:Give us a brief band bio.
– I (Hades) create the band at the December winter moon of 2005 and in the beginning it started as a one man band, only me playing some dirty Venom/Hellhammer riffs and after I write couple of tracks I met Predator and Pwcc maniac which was also into this kind of old school black metal style, so we started rehearsing those tracks in the local studio until we recorded our first demo (the beginning of the end) which was like a Evil punk or something inspired by (old) Venom, Discharge, old Bulldozer, some Carpathian Forest and stuff like that.!! We released the demo 1 year after on tape and limited cd format!! After that these guys leaved the band and 1-2 mothns later I found 2 new members Disaster on bass and Minion of the anti-christ on drums and we start rehearsing some new tracks that I was working on at that time..!! Then after one year we recorded our debut full-length record called (Second coming, Second crucifixion) and couple of months after that, we release it on Cd and limited Lp format from Evil Spell/Undercover records Germany!! In those 5-6 years till now we played couple of gigs together with bands like Savage Grace, Exumer, Flames (Gre), Impaled Nazarene, Inquisition, Ravencult and a few more!! Also one year ago a new member jointed the band as a lead/solo guitarist called Gulthor which is also the frontman of the Greek black metal band Winterdemons, he is a great guy and also a die-hard old school maniac..!!!
Now our lineup is strong then ever and we are working on some new tracks which will be released on 2 EP /mini album until the summer of 2011..!! Be ready for our next assault of dirty black thrashing metal..!!!

3. Dark Recollections: How long has current lineup been together?

– Except our new member Gulthor this lineup is together for 2 and half years..!


4. Dark Recollections:What kind of response did your debut demo receive, is it still available, will it ever be re-released?

– Well I don’t really care what people think about our music! First I play for me and then if someone like the music that’s ok, if they don’t like it it’s also ok!! This is because we are playing for only a few, for those who support the cult and the real metal sound and attitude!
We don’t want to be a mainstream band and play for every stupid faggot out there!!! Our massage is for only a few and those few persons know very well where they can find us..!!
The response of the demo was great!! And I am very happy that some people are still listening to this primitive black metal style..!! Yes I think that it’s still available on tape format! We used 2 tracks from that demo as a bonus tracks for the LP format of our debut album..!! I don’t know if we are going release again this demo, but maybe we can use some tracks in the future for some best of compilation or something..!! Who knows..!!

5. Dark Recollections: Talk about your debut Cd” second coming, second crucifixion”

– I will tell you about the LP and not for the CD, because I like more the sound of the vinyl! It fits much more with the 80’s feeling of the record!!
The debut album is some kind of Black thrashing Rock ‘n Roll, inspired by Motorhead, old Venom, Celtic frost, Aura noir, Darkthrone, Inepsy(Can), Gehennah(Swe), Bathory and many more!!! So I think that people who worship this bands and this kind of old school black metal style will also like our record for sure..!! Just remember how the black metal sounds in the 80’s and you will understand what the record is all about..!! It’s fuckin Evil Rock n’ Roll..!!
Maybe next time we will have even more old and dirty production…!!!

6. Dark Recollections: What is the song (black metal rust), what inspired its lyrics?

– This track is total inspired by Aura noir, Sarcofago, old Sepultura and maybe Vulcano(Bra)…!!
Black metal rust is a track which was create to remind you how the black metal sounded at the middle 80’s and that even after so many years there are people who support the old way of playing heavy metal…!! It’s the Rust against the new modern shity/trigger blast beat metal bands with crystal clear productions and soulless music…!!!
The lyrics are for those with satanic lust in their hearts and for those who hate the dream of heaven..!!!


7. Dark Recollections: Have you had any offers to release Cd outside of Europe?

– Yes we had, but I didn’t want to sign a contract with them…!!! Evil spell records were one of the (top of the list) records labels that we wanted to make a deal..!! But who knows maybe in the future we may make some deal with a label outside Europe..!! You never know!!!


8. Dark Recollections: Not many bands out there play your style of music… what or who would you say has been the biggest influence in your music?

– I’m listening to a lot of different kinds of music so I can’t tell you which are the biggest influences for me, but through all this years I was listening to a lot of Bathory, Venom, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Darkthrone, Von, Mayhem, Sarcofago, Mercyful fate, Possessed, old Slayer, old Sodom, old Destuction, old Sepultura, Aura noir, Zemial, Nifelheim and A LOT of MOTORHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!
But I think that in nowadays the underground metal scene is much stronger than 10 years before!!! Now we have a lot of new bands which are supporting the old way of playing metal..!! And I’m very happy about that because the real metal lives after so many years!!!
In nowadays there are a lot of “new” great old school metal bands like Nekromantheon(Nor), Midnight(Usa), Bastard priest(Swe), OLD(Ger), Power from Hell(Bra), Deathhammer(Nor), Teitanblood(Spa), Vomitor(Aus), Antichrist(Swe), Trench hell(Aus), Apokalyptic Raids(Bra), Cruel force(Ger), Heretic (Nld), Ravencult(Gre), Toxic Holocaust(Usa), Nocturnal(Ger), Revenge(Gre), Blizzard(Ger), Nattefrost(Nor) and fuckin many more…!!!
2011 and the REAL METAL IS STILL ALIVE!!!!!! HAIL TO THE CULT!!!!!!!!

9. Dark Recollections: What is the scene like where you live, any bands you recommend?

– Here in Greece the scene is not very big, but we have couple of very good bands!!!
Bands like Zemial, Revencult, Goatvomit, Embrace of Thorns, Winterdemons, Nadiwrath, Revenge, Witchcurse, Nocturnal vomit, Slaughtered Priest, Necrohell, Convixion and maybe a few more..!! But here there is a lot of hypocrisy and there is not much support for the underground metal scene!!! It’s full with trendy fuckin posers which doesn’t have a clue of what real metal is all about!!!
Beat the posers down…!!! Aaaaaaaaarrggghhhh!!!!!!

10. Dark Recollections: What is your opinion on bands like Rotting Christ and Sepultura who used to be cult bands when they began and now are sell outs?

– I’ve never been a Rotting Christ fan!!! I like a lot their first demos and maybe some tracks from their debut album, but I have a lot of respect for them, because they were the first Greek band that were into the extreme metal…!!
And about Sepultura I’m very into their first records like the great Ep Bestial devastation, Morbid visions, Schizophrenia (HELL YEAH), Beneath the remains and couple of tracks from the Arise record!! So as you see I’m very collective with the music that I am listening to, that’s why I know very well to separate the true from the false for my opinion!!
Those 2 bands have changed a lot through all those years and for me their new albums have nothing to give! Someone maybe will like their new records, but for me they sucks and I prefer listening to their old records which still have something to give me..!!
I support the regression and not the progression in the nowadays music industry..!!!
Fuckin back to the morbid times..!!!!!

11. Dark Recollections: Is Omega a fulltime band or just a studio project?

– ohhh it’s sure that it is a fulltime band, but I don’t know what the future will bring!
If I feel that I have nothing more to give, I will stop playing and just do something else!!
I prefer this instead to record a crap album and loose the meaning that I had from the beginning!!! But now I feel strong then ever and ready to set the world on fire..!!!

12. Dark Recollections: Any merchandise available from the band?
– Yes, very soon Evil spell records will release some t-shirts and maybe some patches till the end of the year…!! But I really don’t care about those things!

13. Dark Recollections:Any last words comments?

Beware for our split with our morbid brothers Ravencult which will be released on 7” vinyl in couple of months!!
Also have your eyes/ears opened for our next Ep record which will be called (Rock n’Roll Hell Patrol) and it will be out this summer from Evil spell records!!!



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