UNDERGANG(den) Interview

UNDERGANG interview for Dark Recollections 2011

1. Dark Recollections: for those not familiar with Undergang, introduce the band.
(who does what,plays what instruments, etc)

– UNDERGANG is A. Dödshjæp on the drums, K. Ondsind on bass and Me, D. Torturdød on guitar and vocals.

2. Dark Recollections: not much is known about Undergang give us a brief band bio.

– We started out playing in the late spring of 2008, after the demise of Realm Of Chaos, a band we’d all played in at different points. We rehearsed quite a lot in the beginning (about 3-5 times a week) and were able to play our first show in the end of August 2008, with Canadian LIMB FROM LIMB at a besement show I put up here in Copenhagen. In September 2008 we recorded a single demo track called “Evigt Lidende”. It was never really released though a made a few dubbed tapes with the track included. We mainly recorded it to present what we had to offer to get gigs and so we did. We played a lot of live shows during the last half of 2008 and recorded our debut full length “Indhentet Af Døden” during the winter 2008/2009. The recordings were all finished in the summer of 2009 and I was about to make it as a promo tape so we could try and get ourselves a record deal to have it released on a 12″. Before I had the tapes dubbed we agreed to have the LP released by the upcoming label Me Saco Un Ojo records from London, who offered us the vinyl deal. We traded, sold and gave the promotapes away as demos and they were all gone way faster than we imagined. The LP was then released in January 2010 after some delays, mainly from our side regarding artwork etc. During the fall of 2009 we agreed to sign a two record deal with Xtreem Music records for the CD release of “I.A.D.” and both LP and CD release of our second full length. All along the way we’ve played a shitload of shows and had a couple of mini-tours in Germany both with ANATOMIA from Japan and our other friends in the local grindcore outfit DEAD INSTRUMENT.

3. Dark Recollections: how long has current line up been together?

– The line up has been the same as now from the very beginning. At first we intended to include a vocalist and another bassist, with K. Ondsind playing rythm guitar at the first rehearsals but later picking up the bass instead. As the people we talked to regarding the bass and vocal duites didn’t show up at the first rehearsals we decided to go for K.Ondsind taking the bass and me doing the vocals along with the guitars. Being only 3 people in band makes a whole lot of things easier, not as many opinions about everything and less people having to take time off from work/studies/private life as if you include more members.

4. Dark Recollections: what is the meaning of the word “Undergang” , why was name chosen?

– UNDERGANG is the Danish tongue for something like “world downfall”. It was the other two guys who came up with the idea of using it as our bandname and I agreed upon it as we all feld like it was suitable for our doomy, rotten death metal.

5. Dark Recollections: talk about your debut demo “indhentent af doden”

– Well, as mentioned before as was never really ment as a demo only. We recorded 7 full tracks with the intension of having it being released as our debut full length LP and later CD. It was recorded over a week or two during the winter of 2008/2009 in a rehearsal room here in Copenhagen, with a friend of ours who at that point has his “studio” placed there. We then had it mixed and mastered there over the next months and if I remember correct it wasn’t all finished till sometime in June 2009. We were all busy and had difficulties finding time along with Morten, the beforementioned sound technician of the recordings, to have the lot mastered. once done I dubbed 100 tapes with all the material from the recordingsession on it and as we already had good a good record deal, we sold them as promos/demos to once interested. They all went pretty fast and to this date I still regret that I didn’t make more tapes back then, but I didn’t have the money for it at the time being. Anyway people intereste dto hear it with way better sound on LP and soon CD too!

6. Dark Recollections: what is the song “forkullede rester” about, translate title, what inspired its lyrics?

– “Forkullede Rester” pretty much means “Charred Remains, so try and guess where the inspiration came from, haha! It about burning to death and all the pain involved…duh!

7. Dark Recollections: who did the artwork for demo?

– Pretty much all the UNDERGANG artwork there has been done has been drawn by me, so the cover of the promotape is no exception. We’ve had some inlay artwork for the full length done by Rafal Kruszyk and the front cover of “Indhentet Af Døden” is made by a friend of ours named Jonas Bjerg. He’s a local tattoo artist and my roommate in the past. He did a great job on the cover and we’re all stoked about it to this date, hehe.

8. Dark Recollections: talk about your upcoming debut Cd for xtreem music.

– It’s the long-waited CD version of the full length released by Me Saco Un Ojo records in January 2010. I had some contact to Dave of UNCONSECRATED and he purchased a copy of our promotape. Later he told me that he played it for Dave Rotten of Xtreem Music records and about the same time he wrote us an email asking into releasing “I.A.D.” on CD and when we agreed upon that he offered us a two record-deal which we signed. I think I’ve already said what needs to be said about the debut, 7 tracks tracks of extreme rotten heaviness to blow your speakers off the wall, ugh!

9. Dark Recollections: Undergang get to play live much, what are some of the bands you shared the stage with?

– Yeah, we’ve played tons of show already. May of them have been with punk/hardcore/crust bands in the past, but now we’re starting to get a bit more attention from the metalscene and get to play with more straight-up metal bands. We never really fit the line-ups anyway, hehe. Some of the bands that we’ve played with are HELLBASTARD, NECROVATION, ANATOMIA, HELLSHOCK, AGE, LIMB FROM LIMB, DEAD INSTRUMENT, LOVE POTION, DEATH TOKEN, BLACK BREATH, DEUS OTIOSUS, SCAVENGER BRATS, SEXDROME etc. and Of course we also played with a shitload of amazing DM bands at the Kill-Town Death Fest 2010 and our next shows will be with ANTICHRIST and later on NOMINON.

10. Dark Recollections: have you had any offers to release your demo on cd or Lp?

– Hehe, yeah…Mentioned above.

11. Dark Recollections: what is the scene like where you live, any bands you recommend checking out?

– The metalscene in Denmark isn’t giving birth to that many bands of my interest. The now long-existing CORPUS MORTALE is still great, other than that I’ll recommend CEREKLOTH, STRYCHNOS, DEUS OTIOSUS, LIGFÆRD, DEAD INSTRUMENT, REEFER and probably a few others I can’t remember right now.

12. Dark Recollections: any merchandise available from you? (list items and prices)

– We’ve still got some white shirts with a rotten face and logo on, from M-XL, for 10 euros excl. shipping. Also we’ve just received embroidered lasercut logo patches, they go for 3 euros. We’ll got some “Indhentet Af Døden” CD’s in stock within two weeks and soon the one sided flexi 7″ with the track “Hævntørst” originally released on the “Voices of death” comp. out throw Baphometal records.

13. Dark Recollections: any last words, comments? thanks for the interview

– My pleasure, thanks for the cool questions! Nothing left to say than stay tuned for the upcoming split with mighty ANATOMIA on Me Saco Un Ojo records and our second full length on vinyl by the end of 2011 on Xtreem Music records! Fell free to get in touch at – undergang666@care2.com.

Keep on rotting!!!


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