ASCENSION (Ger) interview

1. Dark Recollections: for those not familiar with the infernal entity known as Ascension
introduce the band.(who does what, plays what instruments, etc)
Ascension is a german black metal band formed in 2007.
It consists of 5 members

2. Dark Recollections: give us a brief band bio.
ASCENSION: Our label is W.T.C. Productions ( Anyone interested in the band can check our myspace site at:
Ascension means spiritual pursuit and strife and is the logical conclusion of our thoughts on life. Both, the will to achieve, to overcome, to develope and the unearthly, metaphysical aspects of the word are inherent to our concept. We follow the light of Lucifer and consider ourselves artists in his name. As such we are mediums. We get inspiration from the powers that surround and embrace us, we channel them and try to express them in a certain way. As music is a powerful tool when handled correctly and given the spasms and erection one experiences when listening to the right tunes, the choice of the artform was a natural consequence. Ascension holds the flag of darkness and death and sings the songs of faith and devotion. We wish to get closer to our inspiration with every song and try to express it as unaltered as possible. The purer we get as individuals, the purer our art will become. Hail Lucifer.

3. Dark Recollections:how long has current line up being together?
ASCENSION: Since 2007

4. Dark Recollections: what have you released so far, what has been the reaction to releases?
ASCENSION: We have so far released a demo (With Burning Tongues), a 12“ single (Fire And Faith) and an album (Consolamentum). The reactions so far have been very good apart from some half assed interviews we have to answer from time to time.

5. Dark Recollections: talk about your latest release “consolamentum”

ASCENSION: Consolamentum is our debut album, released on ChristMass 2010 by W.T.C. Productions. It´s a concept album divided into 5 chapters and consisting of 8 tracks. The album generally deals with the transformation of a human soul and it´s journey from ashes to salvation. The five parts „Learn how to breath“, „Learn how to lie“, „Learn how to live“, „Learn how to kill“, „Learn how to die“ represent the different stages of this process. A sample of the album in which different songs can be heard can be found at our myspace page.

6. Dark Recollections: what is the song “grey light sibling” about, what inspired its lyrics?
ASCENSION: “Grey Light Sibling“ represents the 2nd part of the concept: „Learn how to lie“. It deals with the struggle of finding an existence outside of societies controlled and accepted borders, outside of gods prison so to speak. The Sibling is an image for the schizophrenic aspects of that topic.

7. Dark Recollections: who did the artwork for “consolamentum”?
ASCENSION: The french artist Metastazis (

8. Dark Recollections: does Ascension play live, what are some of the bands you have played with,
how does the crowd react to your live show?
ASCENSION: We have not played live yet, but we will. The first official date is the Hell´s Pleasure Metal Fest in Pößneck/Germany on the 22nd & 23rd of July together with great acts such as Saturnalia Temple or Root.

9. Dark Recollections: have you had any offers to tour outside of Germany, maybe tour U.S.A?
ASCENSION: We had quite an amount of offers from outside of germany but turned down any of them for now. It will however only be a question of time till we enter foreign shores.

10. Dark Recollections: anyone in the band involved in other projekts, besides Ascension?
ASCENSION:Yes, we are.

11. Dark Recollections: what is the scene like where you live, any bands you recommend checking out?
ASCENSION: I don´t care too much for a scene. German bands that are worth listening to are Necros Christos, Odem Arcarum, Chaos Invocation and Luror.

12. Dark Recollections: any merchandise available from the band?(list items, prices)
ASCENSION: Apart from the aformentioned releases we have two t-shirt designs available. More will come very soon. Considering prices etc. check the labels website at
13. Dark Recollections: any last words, comments? thanks for the interview

ASCENSION: Hail Lucifer!


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