HEKSERI (u.s.a) Interview

1. Dark Recollections:Pagan hails… for those not familiar with Hekseri, introduce the band
(who does what,plays what instruments, etc)

{Thuringwethil>>>} Iron Meggido performs guitar and vocals, I do bass, vocals, and drum programming. We have no permanent drummer currently, so we may use a session drummer for live shows.

2. Dark Recollections: Give us a brief band bio

{Thuringwethil>>>} Thuringwethil and Iron Meggido met in Boston, Massachusetts 2003 during a chance jam session and found mutual interest in extreme metal. Both had been seeking bandmates with similar interests for quite a while, so this was a great start.

Iron Meggido: We really forged a strong musical bond from that first meeting on.

3. Dark Recollections: what is the origin of the word Hekseri, its meanign and why was it chosen
as a band name?

{Thuringwethil>>>} Hekseri means witchcraft in Norwegian, and it seemed appropriate for our music which itself is a type of metal sorcery. Plus, many of our basic musical and mythological influences originate from Northern Europe, so it seemed fitting.
Iron Meggido: We have strong spiritual ties to Northern Europe in the form of music and mythos in addition to ancestral.

4. Dark Recollections: tell us about your releases, how did your demos and split Cd with Gravewurm
do… what kind of response did they get from fans, sales, etc?

{Thuringwethil>>>} Our first demo “Retaliator” was recorded with a drum machine and a 4-track, and it got a good response from other local metal bands and fans. Essentially we were trying to find a suitable, permanent drummer so we could play live shows. We found someone and recorded our “Belzebut, Prince” demo, also on a 4-track. This wasn’t received as well, because the sound turned out a bit muddy and lo-fi. But we played many more live shows at this time, and managed to gather a larger local following and play with bands with whom there was mutual respect and admiration. Then we recorded a much longer session with local guitarist and producer Eric Braunschweiger and most of those tracks made it to the Time Before Time Records split with Virginia’s Gravewurm. We’d met Kevin Gravewurm at a big black metal show in New England and stayed in touch over the years. When the opportunity to do the split came along, we were thrilled because it would be our first officially distributed release. After that, we made it to a few compilations which gained us further recognition internationally. Myspace may not be so hot now, but in the early years was very helpful in getting our music heard beyond our local scene.

5. Dark Recollections: have you had any offers to releases your demos on cd?

{Thuringwethil>>>} We actually had a very limited cassette demo compilation release on a Thai label, Witchhammer Productions. They’re probably only available on ebay now, though. We’d be open to re-releasing the tracks on CD, but tracks from the first two demos can still be listened to at the bottom of this web page: http://hekseri.net/media.html

6. Dark Recollections: talk about your debut Cd on Time Before Time Records

{Thuringwethil>>>} Preparing for this album was great because we had time to really prepare the songs to sound how we wanted. Iron Meggido moved from New England to Germany after the split with Gravewurm came out, but she and I continued to record and exchange ideas. It was a long process, but I was starting to learn recording software more while Iron Meggido wrote a lot of new material and even rewrote some songs from the earlier demos. We also had time to really work with producer Eric Braunschweiger on mixing. We think the songs flow together very well, and are a good representation of how we’ve progressed on our own.

7. Dark Recollections: what is the song “gods of rotting death” and what inspired its lyrics

[Iron Meggido>>>
The song Gods of Rotting Death reminds me of Celtic Frost in feel, although that was not the aim while writing it. The song channels a rage, a frustration of sorts is voiced, with the seeming downward motion of mankind, or rather the seeming inability to break free of that mentality and downward motion. By getting these demons out, it allows fresh perspective which is especially to be found on the track Enjoin the Circle, which is for me a returning to roots (nature) and of freeing oneself from the bonds raged about in Gods of Rotting Death. “Enjoin” is the reconciliation of “Gods”, whereas “Invoking the War Goddess” and “Bladefucker” are raw war cries, Atrocity is a chaotic dream through the astral planes. “Hekseri” though, is “just” a metal song.

8. Dark Recollections: care to talk about other projekts old and new you are involved in?

[Iron Meggido>>>} My current endeavors are Idis Orlog, which is based around the Norse Mythology/Nordic heathen spiritualism. This is acoustic and esoteric.

My other project is Witchblood, a Nürnberg based black metal band with elements of heavy metal.

{Thuringwethil>>>} I’m working on a new black metal project with my boyfriend called Lemegeton, in addition to a solo acoustic project called Spoorloos, all really haunted sounding shit.

9. Dark Recollections: what is your opinion on the resurgence of old school death metal,
any bands you like?

{Thuringwethil>>>} I don’t really listen to much death metal or grind anymore, underground black metal to me is much more interesting. However, I listen to tons of death/doom like Incantation, they’re an ongoing favorite of mine, and Portal are just beyond fucking comprehension. Angelcorpse and Impiety never get old, also. Of course, I still love the old school, but there are so many new bands to hear there’s no point in just keeping the same music in your speakers all the time.

10. Dark Recollections: what is the scene like where you live… any bands worth checking out?

{Thuringwethil>>>} I still live in Boston and we have a pretty good metal scene here still. A lot of cities in the Northeastern United States are closer together so it’s easy to check out touring bands. Right now I’m really into Cythraul, Abnormality, Sarcomancy.

11. Dark Recollections: tell us about some of the places you played at, bands you opened for,
and what was the crowd’s reaction to your music?

{Thuringwethil>>>} I think our biggest show was opening for Destruction at the Middle East in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We played to a lot of people. I also remember one of our first shows opening for Grand Belial’s Key before Richard died.

12. Dark Recollections: any merchandise available for sale from the band?(list items and prices)

{Thuringwethil>>>} we had shirts but those are long since sold out, we haven’t made any new merch yet, I think we may wait until we can start playing live shows again, ideally in Europe.

13. Dark Recollections:any last words, comments? thanks for the interview

{Thuringwethil>>>} Thanks for giving us a chance to talk about metal and our new CD.

Iron Meggido: Also, thank you for the opportunity.


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