Ungod (Ger) Interview

1. Dark Recollections: For those not familiar with Ungod please introduce the band.

Schiekron:The Band started in 1991 and split up in 1998 due several reasons.In 2008
we started up again and released a couple of Vinyls.
Right now Ungod is:
Condemptor – Coffins
Schiekron – Bulldozer Bass
Infernal Molester – Voxum
Cryptic Tormentor – chainsaw

2. Dark Recollections: how long has current line up been together?
Schiekron: The current Line up is together since 2009 or something.Our Singer
Infernal Molestor was the last to join the Band in 2009.We are fully
happy with this Line up and hopefully that will last some time!

3. Dark Recollections:after so many years of being gone from the underground scene
what made you want to do Ungod again… who is left from the original line up?

Schiekron: It was more or less coincidence!It began when we were asked for the re
releases of our old stuff and we agreed that it should be done with maybe
some brandnew bonus stuff.So,here we reactivated the band to compose 2
Songs or something like that and put it to rest again.Right from the start
we realy clicked with each other and the old flame was burning again.We
decided to give it a second run and here we are again!
In 2008 it was me(Schiekron),Condemptor and Infamist of Tumulus from the
original Line up plus Kvaltar from Mort as new Member.Infamist was kicked out
after a while and Kvaltar left for personal reasons.

4. Dark Recollections: all this years abscent from the black metal underground … did you
keep in touch with old friends, bands?

Schiekron: I was was never abscent from the Metal Underground!I was always there and
I`m still a fanatic! I`m still, or better again with some old friends bands etc.Internet makes
it possible!

5. Dark Recollections: what is your opinion on today’s polluted black metal scene?

Schiekron:I don`t know too much about actual Bands since I always stick to the old
stuff.But something good pops up here and there for sure.But it is hard
nowadays to keep up with whats going on with billions of Bands releasing
stuff now.

6. Dark Recollections: talk about your demo/LP “In Numele Metalului est European”… whose
idea was it…line up for recording?

Schiekron:East European Metal back in the day was always laughed at and very
underrated.So per coincidence we got the chance to have our Lyrics
translated into Romanian Language and a guy(Zdrobitor) to sing them for us.
This simply had to be done and hopefully some younger(or older) Metal Fan
will check out those great old East European Bands like
Törr,Root,Master,Kat,Shah,Turbo,Tormentor and many more!We always loved
and supported those obscure Bands and our release is here to show respect
and honour to them!

Line up:
Schiekron – Bulldozer Bass
Condemptor – Coffins
Cryptic Tormentor – Chainsaw
Zdrobitor – Guestvocals
On the Vinyl version are 2 Bonustracks in english with Infernal Molester on

7. Dark Recollections: Did you ever think demo will later get released as an Lp like it did?
Schiekron: WE were not realy sure about it,but we had that in mind too.We want all
our stuff on Vinyl since it is the ultimate formal for Metal or music in general!

8. Dark Recollections: any offers to release your debut Cd “circle of seven infernal pacts”
on vinyl?
Schiekron: The original Vinyl version on HSB Records from Holland from 1993 was
limited to 500 Copies and is long gone.The Picture LP from 1999 as
well.We already had a talk about another run of a fine Vinyl Edition but
right now we concentrate on the new stuff.Maybe one day it will be
available on Vinyl again!

9. Dark Recollections: tell us about your upcoming Cd… title, who will release it, when
will it be released?

Schiekron: The new Album is out since April and it`s called Cloaked in eternal Darkness.CD contains
10 Songs and has a running time of around 43 minutes. Kneel before the Masters Throne Records
released the CD and Merciless Records will do the Vinylversion(Fold out Cover plus Bonus 7″
EP).This time we realy got the Sound we wanted and we have some surprises on
the Album as well.The style is still the same like 20 Years ago! Raw,primitive and pure Metal!

10. Dark Recollections: will your many split Eps ever be released together on Cd?

Schiekron: Not sure about that.I guess there is no demand for it!

11. Dark Recollections: any merchandise available for you?

Schiekron: Right now we only have Cloaked in eternal Darkness CD &
Ungod/Sacrilegious Rites Split 7″ EP.We`ll print some limited Shirts soon
as well!

12. Dark Recollections: death metal seems to be making a comeback… what are your thoughts
on this… any favorite new bands?

Schiekron: No idea about new Bands so much,still stick to my old shit like
Death,Possessed etc.But Necros Christos are pretty good!

13. Dark Recollections: any last words, comments? thanks for the interview

Schiekron: Thanx alot for the Interview & Support!Sorry for the long delay,sparetime
is rare these days!Stay forever Metal and get in touch if you want!



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